Do you really need a long term contract to retain customers?

It would seem like all we do today is sign long term contracts, and I don’t get it. I started Bergen Botanicals (  to change the game in the interior landscape industry. I want customers to use Bergen Botanicals because of our unmatched customer service and premium plant care!

So….how do we maintain the highest quality interior plant care with the best customer service while maintaining a lower price than our competitors? Simple…

This is our model:

1. Hire only the best horticulturalists with a winning attitude and genuine care for both customers and plants.

2. Pay our employees the highest wages in the industry and offer incentives for improving the customer experience.

3. Use technology to significantly reduce overhead costs, improve the supply chain, and empower horticulturists to have the tools they need when they need them.

4. Sacrificing margin for reputation. We are a service disabled veteran owned business, dedicated to making the difference in the lives of our employees, customers, and every person who sees our work or interacts with our employees on a daily basis. We’re a bottom line number company only in respects to continuing to be able to re-invest and grow our organization and improve the employee experience. We don’t need billions of dollars, but we want billions of satisfied customers!

That’s the formula. No gimmicks, just dedication and pride. Give us a shout to get a more personal overview of our Ultimate Customer Experience.


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