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Interior Landscaping and Your Office

One of the things we do here at Bergen Botanicals is interior landscaping.  Basically, wherever plants go, so do we—and with us we bring expert knowledge and a wide variety of interior plant design options.  Whether it’s interior design, maintenance, or plant leasing and purchasing, we do it all when it comes to office plants....

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Do you really need a long term contract to retain customers?

It would seem like all we do today is sign long term contracts, and I don’t get it. I started Bergen Botanicals (  to change the game in the interior landscape industry. I want customers to use Bergen Botanicals because of our unmatched customer service and premium plant care! So….how do we maintain the highest quality...
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Interior Landscaping…HUH?

What on Earth is interior landscaping anyway? I must have been asked this by every person that I have spoken to since the launch of Bergen Botanicals. So, here it is…. Plants in Office Buildings…There you go. It’s not rocket science, but it is an important part of the work environment for many reasons: 1. They make you...
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